Some Jerk Promoting Escort Service Breaks Tape Ahead Of Berlin Marathon Winner Wilson Kipsang (VIDEO)

  • Rick Chandler

The Boston Marathon bombings in April have put security to the forefront at major sporting events, with particular emphasis on keeping other marathons safe, so that … DOH! Who’s this guy?

Yep, Wilson Kipsang’s record-breaking finish at the Berlin Marathon on Sunday was marred by some dipshit wearing a T-shirt promoting a prostitution service. The guy got past the crack security and broke the tape before Kipsang could get to it, in full view of the Interior Senator of Berlin, Frank Henkel (not amused). Kipsang, from Kenya (natch) set a world record with a time of two hours, three minutes and 23 seconds — beating the old record by nearly 15 seconds, which is pretty amazing. New York Times:

Although security in Berlin had been increased after the bombings at the Boston Marathon in April, a man wearing a yellow T-shirt stepped out of the crowd near the finish line and raised his arms, breaking the tape just ahead of Kipsang in an apparent stunt of ambush marketing.

According to Agence France-Presse, the man was promoting a Web site for an escort service. He was intercepted by race staff, handed over to the police and charged with trespassing, the news agency reported.

That kind of sucks for Kipsang, who was finally getting his moment after two rather large disappointments. He was the favorite going into the marathon at the London Olympics, but wound up with the bronze. Then he had his sights on the New York Marathon in November, but that was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.

Photo: Getty Images.