VIDEO: Someone Gave The Robots Their Own World Cup And It's Hilarious

  • Igor Mello

If you’re missing the FIFA World Cup, this will not help you. But it may make you laugh, or scoff.

Get a load of the game of the future – robot soccer.

The most popular tournament, the RoboCub, was founded in 1997 with the hopes that one day these geeks would build robots that would be good enough to beat the best teams in the world. They even set a goal for 2050. The rules call for five fully autonomous robots on each side. Obviously, human in-game interferences or any sort of manipulations are prohibited. Can’t wait until this sport has its first true scandal. You’re not a big-time sport without scandals.

The RoboCub is divided into four categories: small, middle-size, standard and humanoid. This year’s event was held in João Pessoa, Brazil, and much like the World Cup, the Germans dominated the most popular league. Tech United Eindhoven defeated the University of Beijing in the championship match. Here are some highlights:

Because of their movements, the humanoid division is a much slower-paced game, but it’s the only form of robots that actually look a little like us. Although the robots are void of human emotional range, the art of flopping – something that many casual futbol fans will criticize the sport for – has been mastered by the humanoids. These types of robots have cameras on their forehead and mouth that help map out their boundaries, opposing robots and the ball. Check it out:

If you’re craving a faster-paced game, the small category is where you need to go. If a hockey puck and a remote control toy car had a baby, it would look like these robots. The Japanese team, Robo Dragons, appear to have adopted Pep Gardiola’s tiki-taka style of play. Just look at how fast they shoot!

It’s all fun and games until some day, they take over the world. Just ask Obama.