Someone GIF'd Every World Cup Dive In A Stinging Commentary On The Human Condition

  • Jake O'Donnell

From time to time, athletes fudge the rules and look to gain an advantage by “flopping,” or “diving” as it is called in the European sport of soccér. The term describes the manner in which a player purposely falls to the ground, insinuating he or she had been “fouled” by his/her opponent. The ultimate goal being a stoppage of play and an advantage awarded to said flopper/diver.

Sounds strange, right? It’s like, you’re an adult — why are lying to the official? Why are you pretending your face hurts on live television? Haven’t you heard the fabled story of the boy who cried wolf? Based on these rather embarrassing “GIFs,” we’ve gathered that none of the men pictured are aware of any of Aesop’s teachings.

Someone should do something about this. It does not seem fair not sportsmanlike.

[GIFs via Golden Dives]