Someone In The Vatican Downloaded An Illegal Copy Of ‘Football Manager 2013’, Says Game Maker

  • Rick Chandler

We’re not pointing fingers at any particular pontiff, but the guy pictured here does seem to be spending a lot more time in his private quarters lately.

As you know, Football Manager 2013 (FM13 to the kids) is a soccer simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It’s hugely popular, as evidenced by how many are illegally downloading it. MCV says that 10.1 million people pirated the game this year.

Speaking at the London Games Conference on Wednesday, Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson said that the company has lost an estimated $3.1 million due to piracy.

But they can track the location of the thievery through ip addresses, says Jacobson. And the results are interesting.

Out of those 10.1m people, most came from China, which accounted for 3.2m of the illegal downloads. Turkey was in second place with 1.05m followed by Portugal with 781,785 games.

Italy was also a hotbed for PC piracy, with 547,000 in the country. Plus one in the Vatican.


Our question: To whom does the Pope confess for illegally downloading a video game? It’s too embarrassing to admit to a subordinate, and too stupid to bother God with.

We say go forth an smite thine opponents, Most Holy Father. Be the best damned football manager you can be.