Something Called A 'Win McMurry' Effectively Finishes The Ice Bucket Challenge With Panache, Zest

  • Jake O'Donnell

To expect the 31-year-old host of The Golf Channel’s “PGA Tour Primetime” to be anything other than this woman would be naive. It’s golf — it’s the definitive boys club played primarily in places like Florida. Then consider there’s a 24-hour channel dedicated entirely to talking about the sport, and you get Win McMurry.

A southern bell-type who knows EXACTLY what her Instagram followers are into, McMurry doused herself in bathtub-temperature sea water from a sandy beach in the Bahamas, much in the way Stephen A. Smith described how he would’ve liked to have done it. Not exactly an “ice bucket,” per se, but the point is to donate and pour water on yourself on camera and post it online and raise awareness.

We think…

You can donate to ALS research, here. (Just keep your shirt on.)