Spanish Second-Division Soccer Team Says WTF, We're Going With Tuxedo Jerseys

  • Rick Chandler

It’s the kind of thing you’d expect an American Minor League Baseball team to do. But while we wear our Star Wars-themed jerseys for one day and then auction them off for charity, Spain’s second-tier soccer team Cultural Leonesa plans to wear this item all season, as an alternate kit. I predict that this will add a touch of elegance to their constant flopping.

Not sure what the motivation was here, unless their owner is a big fan of The Great Gatsby. But that’s not the only odd thing going on in the Segunda B League. On Sunday, CD Lugo announced their alternating Octopus and Beer kits.

The London Daily Mirror:

Lugo, who last season finished 12th in the Spanish second tier, are sponsored by local brewers Estrella Galicia. As a result, one of the new shirts has been designed to look like a glass of beer.

The other has a picture of an octopus tentacle on the front, in homage to one of the most popular items of local cuisine in the Galician region, where the city is located.

Annnnd … last season, same league … La Hoya Lorca’s broccoli jersey:

Stop it, Spain.

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