SportsGrid Podcast: Episode 1 – The Doggest Of Days

  • SportsGrid Staff

podcast ep1Welcome to the new SportsGrid Podcast. This is a reboot of our old podcast after Hurricane Sandy halted its production back in October 2012.

Each episode of the new podcast will center around a theme from this week in sports. The episode will primarily be about this theme, besides the occasional off-topic discussion and hypothetical.

This week’s theme: The Doggest Of Days. This time of year produces borderline news stories and we’re here to make fun of them. Your Podcasters this week are Zach Berger, Ricky Boebel and your host/podcast Dad Eric Goldschein.

Without further adieu, here’s Episode 1:
(NSFW: Language and mature/immature content)

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Can Rugby be America’s next big sport?

LeBron and Melo To LA.

Johnny Football stumbling through the summer.
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