Alexi Lalas Didn’t Appreciate Stephen Colbert’s Inferior Intellect And Hate For “The Beautiful Game”

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Alexi Lalas went on the Colbert Report and spoke to Stephen Colbert regarding the recent worldwide soccer match fixing scandal that has football fans like Alexi Lalas understandably upset.

Colbert first gave his report on the scandal, which included this bit of classic American wisdom: “No one man can be more corrupt than soccer can be boring.”

Then Lalas came on, and he seemed to get irked by the whole satire thing.

“Don’t be a boob, Steve,” was a nice touch, but Lalas needs to calm down a bit. Saying things like “it takes a superior intellect to understand the beauty of the game” isn’t going to turn viewers on to soccer; it just makes Lalas sound like a douche. And for the record, it does not take a superior intellect to understand the beauty of the game.

But that just got too serious for a Colbert report post, so we’ll leave you with a GIF of the abominable Colbert dive.

That’s better.