This Dramatic Video Of Stephon Marbury Winning A Championship Will Make You Love Chinese Basketball

  • Eric Goldschein

Stephon Marbury left the NBA in disgrace a few years ago, and the last that many people saw of “Starbury” was him eating Vaseline. But you can cross “Vaseline eater” off his tombstone and replace that with “Champion,” as Steph scored 41 points in the Chinese Basketball Association title game to lead the Beijing Ducks to victory.

The video is, in a word, epic. It plays like a trailer for a movie about Marbury’s life, with a score straight out of the 1980s. All it needs in a voiceover: “Sometimes, it takes a man who once ate Vaseline to win over a nation.”

Touching stuff, as everyone seems enormously happy, and rightfully so. Is Starbury playing the guitar solo at the end, too? That would be the icing on the cake.

The Ducks were the underdog in this game against Guangdong, which had won seven championships in eight years. So good for Marbury for giving it his all — something that couldn’t be said for his stint in New York — and coming out on top.

The description of the video on Youtube probably sums up how much this championship, and Marbury’s role in it, meant to the fans. “i love you Marbury! you are the best player in my heart, in every people live in Beijing! you are not trouble maker anymore!” Indeed, Marbury, you are not trouble maker. You are CBA champion. That has to count for something, right?

h/t Reddit