Steven Seagal, Sorta-Terrorism-Expert, Says Chances Are ‘Extremely Remote’ That Sochi Olympics Will Be Attacked

  • Eric Goldschein

steven seagalIn a story that smacks of that time actor Mark Wahlberg forgot that he was an actor and said that he could have stopped 9/11 from happening because he pretends to beat up people for a living, Steven Seagal went on “Huckabee” and assured the world that Russia would do a bang-up job of protecting the Sochi Olympics, because he’s friends with Vladimir Putin and has killed many people.

Seriously though, Seagal is billed as sort of an envoy to Russia and expert on counter-terrorism. Why else would Fox News, that bastion of quality journalism, bring the actor on to discuss this very serious issue? U.S. officials are worried, for example, that attacks could happen against “soft” targets like hotels and restaurants outside of Sochi, if not during at games themselves. There are suicide bombers on the loose and possibly in Sochi. Lives are at stake here, and they are dependent on Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Federal Security Service. Should we be worried about that prospect?

What do you think, Steven?

The reality is that no one knows just how secure the games will be. Any comments to the contrary is ridiculous. But kudos to Seagal for answering the questions put to him, and attempting to keep politics out of his comments when asked about President Obama. He may be crazy, but he’s not stupid.