Hey, Football Fans: You Can Travel With Your Team For Free! (Disclaimer: They’ll Almost Never Win)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Stoke City Fans Free Away Games

Of course, we’re not talking about the NFL (sorry for exciting you, Jets fans!). We’re talking about the English Premier League, and we’re talking about Stoke City.

Stoke City are offering supporters free coach travel to all 19 of their Premier League away games this season.
Beginning with the trip to Liverpool on the first day of the season, coaches will take fans from the Britannia Stadium to each away league fixture.
The club are using the increase in TV revenue to fund the initiative.

The new £3bn Premier League TV deal will see top-flight sides receive £55m a year, and even if a club is relegated, they will still receive parachute payments of around £60m.

Alright, this is pretty awesome, getting to travel for free, and with your fellow fans. It’s also something we’ll never see in the U.S.

But the “Potters” (yes, the “Potters”) won just two away games last year, so you’re probably better off staying at home.

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