The Strongest Little Girl In The World Can Probably Kick Your Ass

  • Evan Sporer

Naturally, I was quite excited being the mild-mannered Jew that I am, to hear that the world’s strongest girl was a 10-year old Jew from Fair Lawn, N.J.

…Wait, she’s 10 years old?

Naomi Kutin, a soon-to-be sixth-grader at the Yeshivat Noam day school in Paramus, can lift more than twice her own 99 pounds. In January she set a world record for women in her weight class (then 97 pounds), beating competitors decades older than her to squat 214.9 pounds at a meet in Corpus Christi, Texas. On the first Sunday in July, she established two regional records for her age group, with a 199.5-pound squat and a 209.4-pound deadlift.

While most average-sized men can put up 215 pounds on a squat, this is still quite impressive. Like worker-ant status. Remember how you’ll always hear about how ants are so impressive because they can lift like a billion times their weight? Well this is the same deal—girl can put up twice her weight on a squat, so yeah, that’s really impressive.

And naturally, behind any young, successful Jewish child, is a strong Jewish mother.

“The chalk is getting into my nose!” she squealed. “Well, you’re not lifting with your nose,” said her mother, Neshama Kutin, crouched in a long jeans skirt in the corner of the room to spot the lift.

Yeah… that about sums up my childhood.

It’s kind of unpredictable though. People are just born with certain abilities that allow them to do different things. Like this girl squatted over 140 when she was seven years old? That’s nuts! Must be in the schmear!

By the way, would have never guessed that her father was a competitive weight-lifter. Wonder if that had anything to do with her getting into it…

But either way, rep the tribe!

And finally, to categorically sum up the brilliance of this story, a text message exchange between me and my dear old dad.

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