Stuart Scott’s Cancer Has Returned, And He Continues To Fight It In The Most Stuart Scott Way Imaginable

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Stuart Scott, who announced he had stomach cancer back in January of 2011, announced on Twitter today that his cancer had returned. For the man who once said to cancer, “Nah, dawg, I’m better. I’m stronger. You’re not going to beat me,” it seems the fight in Scott has not skipped a beat.

Doing P90X after chemo, to me, seems like doing an Iron Man Triathlon after completing an Iron Man Triathlon. Except the first triathlon puts poison in your blood. Never mind the fact that Stu Scott is one of the busiest people in sports media and his schedule must be hectic as it is. Now he has to fight cancer? And he can do it like this? Boo. Yah.

Now, that hashtag might look somewhat familiar, that is, if you’ve existed as a person in the last 15 or so years on this planet. The preceding tweet actually came after a prior tweet, where Stu responded to one of his follower’s inquiries about whether or not he still supported Lance Armstrong, notable cyclist/cancer survivor/admitted doper:

The “C” stands for cancer, but also class. Lots and lots of class. Here was the ensuing announcement:

Thereafter, Stu bro’s out with Robert Griffin III. I want in in this friendship, but mostly, I just want you all to see their mutual admiration:

Fight that good fight, Stu. Our favorite memories of ESPN in the ’90s need you to be strong.

[@StuartScott, Getty Images]