Stuart Scott Is Fighting Cancer In The Most Stuart Scott Way Imaginable

  • Dan Fogarty

In January, SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott announced that he had stomach cancer, the second time in four years that he had the disease. By late February, he was back on television, a few pounds lighter, but otherwise the same. Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel published some details about Scott’s battle.

Five seconds into reading the piece, you’ll notice two things:

1) The schedule this guy is maintaining is insane,

2) This is pretty much exactly how you’d picture Stuart Scott to be fighting cancer.

From the piece:

Always a man of spoken eloquence, ESPN anchor Stuart Scott has a few words to aim at his nemesis, cancer.

“Nah, dawg, I’m better. I’m stronger. You’re not going to beat me.”

Boo fuckin’ yah. In addition to all that, this is what Scott’s schedule looked like the week of July 11th.

During the week of the ESPYs, Scott underwent chemo Monday morning, attended an event that night, participated in the ESPYs golf tournament Tuesday, served as the emcee for a brunch, trained in mixed martial arts Wednesday morning and attended the awards that evening.

Scott was also undergoing intense chemotherapy the week of the NBA Finals, when he was handling studio hosting duties for ABC. And yes, as much as people like to take shots at him in the same way they take shots about pretty much anyone that is on television, Stuart Scott maintaining his Stuart Scottness while going through chemo is absolutely great if you came up watching SportsCenter in the late ’90s.

[The Orlando Sentinel, Image via Getty]