Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus Has His Own Negotiating Strategies When It Comes To Sharks

  • Ricky Boebel

To be an agent, a certain amount of bravado is needed. To be a super agent, you need enough to wrestle a six-foot shark.

Is Rosenhaus a pioneer of referring to himself in the third-person on Twitter? Someone has to be.

Rosenhaus tends to represent big personalities, from Terrell Owens to Rob Gronkowski to DeSean Jackson. And he continues to get big names because of stunts like these. What impresses a 21 year-old future draftee more than wrestling sharks?

Ok, the shark was likely exhausted from being on the line for a while before the video started. But it was lively enough to take a snap at Rosenhaus. We might have been able to see more action if the cameraman wasn’t busy getting interior boat shots.

If you can identify what kind of shark this is, let us know in the comments below.

[For the Win]