When You’re Surfing And A Tiger Shark Swims Up To You, Simply Put Your Hand On Its Face And Push It Away

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sharks don’t have hands. They’re pretty much just big, muscular tubes with sharp triangles on one end and a rudder on the other (or “udder” if you want that sentence to rhyme). So when they’re curious about something, they use the only tool they have — their mouths — to investigate. The problem is, whatever it is they’re investigating usually dies before they can learn it’s not something they have any interest in. Mostly because they’re so damn sneaky.

Case and point: The time that girl unknowingly filmed a juvenile Great White Shark ominously swimming below her surfboard as she paddled out from L.A.’s Manhattan Beach?

Surfers generally know what they’re up against, and try to stay on the look out for shadows and/or fins and/or Great White’s breaching 15 feet out of the water. But this guy takes it to another level. He very nonchalantly nudges not one, but two apex predators away from them. Watch him tell two inquisitive 600-lb eating machines he’s not the droid they’re looking for.