This Brawl Between Swedish Soccer Hooligans May Have Had More Casualties Than WWII

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Swedish Soccer Hooligans FightThe title of this video is: Bitka GAIS Gothenburg vs Helsingborg + Copenhagen. There is undoubtedly a Swedish football club in Gothenburg, so they’re one group of hooligans; I believe they’re in the blue. There is also undoubtedly a Swedish football club in Helsingborg, and I believe they’re in the red. I also believe they won this by unanimous decision for most concussions given.

Where Copenhagen comes in, I’m not sure. That’s in Denmark, for our jingoistic readers. Google Translate shed little light on the situation. I think they might have been on their way to Copenhagen. Or this took place in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Perhaps they were taking a visit to the second oldest amusement park in the world. These hooligans look like they enjoy a good merry-go-round with a side of blue cotton candy.

I take it back: They probably weren’t on their way to a merry-go-round. They were probably on their way to cook some human flesh or wrestle boars or stop people from recycling.