Montreál Canadien’s Prospect Floats Like Unt Butterfly Und Stings Like Das Bee In Wussy Swiss Hockey Fight

  • Jake O'Donnell

Montreal Canadien’s prospect Alain Berger (in an FC Bern uniform) doesn’t pull any punches, nor does he pull his gloves off to throw them. Going toe-to-toe with Sebastien Schilt of Gottéron, Berger decided he didn’t want to “go there”, and instead opted for some Olympic-style boxing. Watch him bob and weave his way out of any integrity as a hockey player. (Can’t totally blame him, scientists have found that getting punched sucks 300 percent of the time.) Check the 0:33 mark when the announcer makes a apt “Muhammed Ali” comment.

Thankfully his opponent gets real and forgoes the formality of “dropping the gloves,” and just let’s him have it. One would imagine Alain Berger has the fastest firing glutes in his aerobic boxing class. Best comment on the YouTube video, and maybe any YouTube video ever, comes to us thanks to RideNorco1:

Well put.

H/T YahooSports