In Taiwan, You Can Bet On When Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Will Die

  • Dan Fogarty

Here’s a nice little ray of sunshine for you: bookies in the Taiwanese city of Taichung are taking bets on when terminally sick cancer patients will die. According to the China Press by way of UK’s Daily Mirror, some who are placing bets are related to the patients. Some are also doctors.

We’ll wait a moment while you go walk over to that corner over there. Feel free to let out a single, guttural sigh, rub your temples a bit, and just wonder what the hell is gonna come next. Again, we’ll wait. Take your time.

Back? Great! So, about those bets placed on cancer patients:

According to China Press, senior citizens’ clubs have set up more than 10 gaming houses in Taizhong City as the bizarre trend has taken off.

Gamblers – including cancer patients’ family members and even the doctors – have lodged NT$100m (£2.1m) with bookies.

Before bets are placed, bookies visit relatives of the dying patients to seek permission, because they’re (obvs) a considerate lot. They then take the bettors to observe the patients, and a wager is made. Again: some of these bettors, according to reports, are people related to the patients. Or they’re doctors.

If the patient dies within a month, the bookie wins. If the patient lives for between one month and six months, the bettor wins three times their wager. And if the patient lives longer than six months, somehow beats their incurable illness, and musters the strength to beat up everyone who took part in their death-watch-for-cash, we all win.

Police are currently investigating.

[h/t Barstool]