Taylor University’s Silent Night Game Is Back, And It’s Spectacular (This Year Aquaman-Approved)

  • Rick Chandler

I can’t believe I’m a few days late with this: I must be slipping. So Taylor University, a Christian college in Upland, Indiana, has one of the coolest college basketball traditions in the land. In their annual Silent Night Game, students pack the gym beyond normal capacity, and remain completely silent until the home team scores its 10th point.

Then, bedlam.

The event is traditionally held at the home game on the Friday before finals, which this year was Dec. 7. One of the best parts of this are the costumes: almost everyone in attendance is dressed for Halloween in December.

My Top 10 Silent Night Participants This Year:

1. Aquaman

2. Gumby (dammit)

3. Enormous Pencil

4. Orange-hair Hulk

5. Mr. Spocks

6. Darth Vader in Leotard

7. Robin, Sans Batman

8. Fire Truck Guys

9. ESPN Sign

10. Geek Squad

This was the 10th Annual Silent Night Game, and it seems to be catching on. Here’s a high school version (Cardinal Gibbons in Raleigh, N.C.):

Thanks to Cameron Smith.