Meet The Teenage Girl Who Can’t Use Her Hands, But Is A Varsity Bowler Anyway

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Whitney Foster, a senior at a Louisville high school bowls without her hands, yet she is still somehow good enough to have a spot on the varsity team. She has arthrogryposis, a rare genetic disorder.

Foster even bowled a 203. Without hands. This is actually a true story.

It’s pretty amazing that she can be accurate with her unique delivery. This is how she does it:

Foster has to have a teammate place the ball in her arms — she’s too weak to lift a 12-pound bowling ball — but she can do everything else on her own. That’s important, because Foster is a teenager who has spent most of her life feeling ostracized from more healthy teens. Now, being part of a team and competing on her own has made an enormous difference.

And a look at Foster in action:

Reminder: most people are bad bowlers, and most people use their hands.

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