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Terrell Owens Lost A Game Of One-On-One To A 4-Foot-5 Streetball Star

  • Glenn Davis

Between the “can’t catch on with an NFL team” thing, the “dropped by an Arena League team” ordeal, and the “getting scolded by Dr. Phil” public humiliation, there aren’t many people out there wishing they were Terrell Owens. Well, the video below isn’t going to change things much. In his latest desperate plea for attention, Owens took on prominent streetballer Mani Love in a game of one-on-one. Sounds straightforward enough – unless you’re aware that Mani Love is 4-foot-5. And he won:

It’s true: Mani Love has some skills. And T.O., to his credit, was a good sport about the whole thing, and gave his opponent the credit. And I can’t really talk – if T.O. lost, even if he wasn’t in peak form, let’s face it – I’d have lost, too. You’d think we’d have enough reasons by now to not necessarily believe the height, but we’re glad to have another. But even though he’s legit, and even if there’s no shame in losing to him… we’re still pretty glad we’re not T.O. these days, with the crap he’s taking, and will keep taking, for this.

[Outside the Box Score]