Terrell Suggs Is The Second Raven To Call The Super Bowl Blackout A Conspiracy

  • Eric Goldschein

suggsRemember that really annoying blackout during the Super Bowl, which not only shifted momentum in the game but likely shifted the mood in your living room from “Yeah, football!” to “I have a guacamole hangover and need to sleep it off”? Terrell Suggs believes that the league wanted to shoot itself in the foot, just to make the game more interesting.

Suggs was on E:60 yesterday, discussing the game with Lisa Salters:

“I was like Vegas, parlor tricks, you know what I mean? I was like, ahh, Roger Goodell, he never stops, he always has something up his sleeve. He just couldn’t let us have this one in a landslide, huh?

“I thought he had a hand in it. Most definitely, he had a hand in it.”

Here’s the video:

This makes Suggs the second member of the Super Bowl-winning Ravens to accuse the league of causing the blackout: Ray Lewis, he of the confusing speeches, did the same thing this summer.

Perhaps the Ravens don’t realize how much of a PR nightmare that was for the NFL. It really sucked. Roger Goodell may not be the greatest commissioner or person, but no one in the world would be stupid enough to risk ruining the biggest night in sports in the hopes of making it a closer game, or a more interesting matchup, or something. If that were the case, that Colts-Bears Super Bowl never would have happened — not to mention, that 2000 blowout by the Ravens over the Giants.