That $60 Million High School Football Stadium In Allen, Texas Is Already Falling Down

  • Rick Chandler

Yep, Texas: home to a $59.6 million high school football stadium. Eagle Stadium in Allen, Texas opened in 2012, with a 20,000-fan seating capacity and, among other things, an indoor golf facility. It was funded by a $119 million bond measure voted through in 2009, and serves as a monument to the state’s love of prep football which will stand forever and ever … or, for 18 months. Yeah, that’s what we meant. ESPN:

Eagle Stadium in the Dallas suburb of Allen will be closed until at least June for an examination of “extensive cracking” in the concrete of the stadium’s concourse, the district said in a statement Thursday. The closure will likely affect home games at the stadium this fall, the district said.

Ben Pogue of Pogue Construction, which built the stadium, told reporters that the cracks range from a quarter-inch to three-quarters of an inch wide.

“There are concerns surrounding the stadium, but we have been — for a long time — part of the solution,” Pogue said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “I’m optimistic that we’re going to have a quick resolve to this that will not affect the football season that’s coming up.”

Interim district superintendent Beth Nicholas:

“This is a significant investment for our community. We are very disappointed and upset that these problems have arisen. It is unacceptable.”