#TBT: The 13 Sporting Goods Companies From The 90s That You’ve Completely Forgotten About

  • Jake O'Donnell

The 90s was a weird time to grow up playing sports. It was as if the technology available didn’t allow for athletic apparel companies to do the stuff they wanted, so they just made things that looked high tech (but were mind numbingly simple). Also, was it windier in that decade? Because all I remember wearing were windbreakers. Glad that ended.

Objectively, though, the 90s were definitely not a high point for sports gear. Shoes, baseball bats, gloves, pads — basically anything you bought through the Eastbay catalogue was disappointingly flimsy and, in retrospect, particularly ugly. That’s why we’re asking you to enter whichever part of your brain you store those neon-colored, kitschy sporting goods memories, with this slideshow of the 13 most prolific athletics companies that time forgot.

Because your game’s like rice: One minute and you’re done.