The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Is Out, And The Athletes Are Burning It Up

  • Eric Goldschein

Great news, perverts: The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is out. This is the kind of pornography you can display proudly in your home, because “sports” and “photography” and “travel” and such. Also, Kate Upton did a shoot in zero gravity.

Upton (a SportsGrid favorite) is once again the star of the show, but there are lots of actual athletes in this year’s issue — the magazine’s 50th — as well. Not that there’s anything with professional models like Hannah Davis or Natasha Barnard, of course. But, sports, you know? Sports.

Here are a few photos that SI has already tweeted out of Skyler Diggins, Anastasia Ashley (another SportsGrid favorite) and Alex Morgan. There are videos of their shoots too. And, hell, we’ll throw Upton in there as well. Enjoy:

Alex Morgan

Skyler Diggins

Anastasia Ashley

Kate Upton

Check out the videos from the space shoot here >