The 8 Best World Cup Team Logos

  • David Young

FIFA Logo Evolution

I’m sure the Brazil World Cup logo made sense to someone when they approved it, but let’s look past it to the individual national logos. To supporters of these teams, the logos represent more than they do to someone who is ignorant of team histories (like say, me). So that makes me uniquely qualified to decide, right?

Like every other sports team, national football teams have figured out that if you keep changing the uniform, you can milk your fans for more money when they buy the new stuff. So no, this isn’t based on uniforms. Plus, it doesn’t take into account any last minute “Just for Brazil 2014” logo design changes.

After reviewing all 32 logos, I have to say some countries are trying too hard to evoke world domination, while others look like they are using a 30-day trial version of Photoshop. Still others – and I’m looking at you mostly UEFA countries – were just a little too artsy to be on an athletic jersey. So, considering all that, here are my top eight:


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