The Amazing Moment That 60,000 Brazilians Sang The National Anthem In Unison

  • Rick Chandler

Yes, it seems that all of Brazil is protesting the government’s use of taxpayer funds to build stadiums for soccer and the Olympics. But as this video shows us, plenty of people seem to be OK with he status quo as well. (Or, not. See update below).

This fairly amazing video was shot in Fortaleza, Brazil, in the first round of the Confederations Cup. Hours before, police clashed with protesters outside the same stadium. Ever hear 60,000 people singing the national anthem in unison?

UPDATE: As a commenter notes below, the anthem was apparently being sung in tribute to the protestors. Which makes the entire thing even more noteworthy.

Before the game, the entire stadium sang the Brazilian national anthem (“Hino Nacional Brasileiro”) in unison. It was chill-inducing.

The moment when the music cuts off and the crowd sings it is amazing.