The Boston Bombers Women’s Basketball Team Would Like You To Forget That Name Ever Happened

  • Rick Chandler

You know in all this confusion, we forgot that there’s a women’s semi-pro basketball team called the Boston Bombers. There was, we should say. It didn’t take long for the team, which is affiliated with the Women’s Blue Chip League, to change its name and take down its presence on the web.

They may have changed the name on their official web site, and taken down their Facebook site, but there is still some stuff out there with the Boston Bombers name and logo. This site, for instance, which promotes the Boston Bombers Skills Academy. Apparently, Bombers fans contacted the team and asked for a re-do.

“We changed it due to the events Monday,” a spokesperson told Gawker. “Our fans [were] not happy with the name.”

The team told Gawker that it hasn’t decided yet on a new name, but this site seems to indicate that its the Boston Bulldogs. There’s been a Boston Bulldogs team in just about every sport at one time or another, dating back to 1926, when an American Football League team by that name was born.

At least the team got their name before the tragic Boston Marathon bombings occurred. CNN has no excuse.