The Browns Won’t Be Sending Pallbearers To Scott Entsminger’s Funeral

  • Eric Goldschein

cleveland browns

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1. Not because they don’t want to, of course.

The Browns aren’t in Cleveland at the moment. They’ll sent a jersey though. [NewsNet]

2. Remaking the New Orleans Pelicans.

Will it work out this year, and beyond? [Grantland]

3. Four crazy things to know about the Belize soccer team.

They face the USA tonight at 11 p.m. ET. [BI Sports]

4. GIFs about hot dogs.

Yep, it’s Buzzfeed. [Buzzfeed Sports]

Not sports related, still important.

How driver-less cars could reshape cities; most rappers lie about their money; a brief history of prosthetic innovation; medical marijuana is kosher now.

And finally, tonight…

This looks good.