The Daily Show Nailed Putin With Their 2014 Sochi Homophobia Olympics Coverage

  • Jake O'Donnell

Unless you’ve been living under a rock/The Rock, you’re probably aware that Russia has been revving up its intolerance as of late, in preparation for a slew of outsiders who will descend upon the country of 143 million people. As Vladimir Putin and the Russian government (and subsequently, the people of Russia) have made very clear — people who are attracted to the same sex are the same thing as pedophiles. That’s how someone becomes gay in their minds.

Last week, Putin tried to clarify his position by offering an olive branch to the LGBT community, only to falsely equivocate their intentions to that of a cult of sexual predators, ultimately sounding like an ignorant 7th grader. Jon Stewart has further clarified the Russian President’s clarification: “Saying that gay people can come to Russia but cannot look at children is like saying Russians can come to America but please, don’t fuck our bears.”