The Daily Yam: Brazil Trounced Spain Thanks To Guys Named Neymar And Fred

  • Eric Goldschein

neymar goal spainWelcome to The Daily Yam, bringing you Yesterday’s Awesome Moment, anything else you might have missed, and what to look forward to today. It’s your one-stop shop when you skipped last night’s action, or have forgotten what day it is. Last night, Brazil won the Confederations Cup, smashing Spain with three impressive goals — two of which by a man known simply as “Fred.”

Your Daily Yam.

Having won the last World Cup and two consecutive Euro tournaments, the Spanish national team has been dubbed “the greatest team in the world” by many, including their Brazilian opponents. Some might even say La Roja is the greatest of all time, in any sport.

Well, that run might be over after Brazil dominated Spain in the Confederations Cup final yesterday. Their 3-0 victory came easily, especially when the first goal came in just the second minute. Brazilian striker Fred (Fred!) put it home after a scrum in front of the net:

Fred also scored two minutes into the second half. (Scoring so quickly is nothing new to Fred, who holds the record for fastest goal in pro soccer history at 3.17 seconds.)

Neophyte Neymar had the game’s most beautiful goal right before halftime:

Although no one really cares about the Confederations Cup, this makes for a good warmup for Brazil with the World Cup right around the corner (on the soccer calendar, that is).

What Else Happened Last Night?

The Orioles swept the Yankees with a 4-2 win; the Pirates won their ninth straight win a walkoff over the Brewers, 2-1; Braves over D-Backs 6-2.

What’s On Tap Today?

Wimbledon Round of 16 action all day on ESPN. WATCH IT.

It’s Monday. The week is short.