The Definitive List Of Who Athletes Are Voting For, So You Can Decide If You’ll Hate Them From Now On

  • Dylan Murphy

Today is Election Day. Not sure if you heard. As such, it’s time to put your God-given rights as an American to good use and cast that ballot of yours. But be forewarned: while you’re standing in line to make your voice heard and help grease the wheels of our finely-tuned Democratic machine, you might just run into a professional athlete or two. (Yes, they vote as well.)

Some of your favorite ballplayers are particularly politically-minded, using their brand name and social media muscle to make their favored candidate widely known. And while it may not matter who LeBron James or Peyton Manning are going to vote for in the grand scheme of things — they’re paid to play with balls, not make domestic policy, after all — we all have to face facts: if you had 6.4 million Twitter followers, or starred in pretty much every other commercial on TV, you’d probably feel self-important enough to talk about things you had no business talking about as well.

So, for the sake of keeping track, we’ve rounded up a list of the most important/famous/politically outspoken athletes and their corresponding preference for who should run the free world. In case you’re still undecided* or are looking for more reasons to hate that athlete you probably already hate, here you go.

*Note: if you are undecided, don’t actually base your vote on any of this. Many of these people have concussions. Also, this thing is today, so make up your damn mind already.

Who America’s athletes are voting for:

Michael Vick: Barack Obama
Jack Nicklaus: Mitt Romney
Emmitt Smith: Barack Obama
Alex Rodriguez: Mitt Romney
Victor Cruz: Barack Obama
Luke Scott: Mitt Romney
Magic Johnson: Barack Obama
Bobby Orr: Mitt Romney
Carmelo Anthony: Barack Obama
Bart Starr: Mitt Romney
LeBron James: Barack Obama
Jay Cutler: Mitt Romney
Derek Jeter: Barack Obama
John Elway: Mitt Romney
Patrick Ewing: Barack Obama
Peyton Manning: Mitt Romney
Grant Hill: Barack Obama
Greg Anthony: Mitt Romney
Kyrie Irving: Barack Obama
Hulk Hogan: Mitt Romney
John Wall: Barack Obama
Todd Helton: Mitt Romney
Austin Rivers: Barack Obama
Nick Mangold: Mitt Romney
Harrison Barnes: Barack Obama
Mike Eruzione: Mitt Romney
Chris Kluwe: Barack Obama
Michael Jordan: Barack Obama
Arian Foster: Candy Crowley
Adam Jones (via commenter Tim): Barack Obama

And last, but definitely not least…

Tim Tebow: Mitt Romney

If you know of other athletes supporting Obama, Romney, or any other candidate, do let us know in the comments.