The Fabulous, Sporty Life Of Lindsey Vonn: From Busted Knee To Tiger Woods’ British Open Date In 13 Photos

  • Eric Goldschein

lindsey vonn tiger woodsLindsey Vonn was on top of the skiing world at the start of this year — talented, beautiful, and really, really good at skiing. She was cruising as arguably the best women’s skier around, until a brutal leg injury in February threatened to derail her Sochi 2014 dreams.

Since then, Vonn has rehabbed, found a new boyfriend (you may have heard of him) and lived the kind of sport-filled life that us sportswriters can only dream about. She’s now back on track to reclaim her top spot in the sport she loves — as well as making waves in the golf world.

Here’s Lindsey Vonn’s life, through her Instagram photos: