The Harrisburg Senators Whiz On Their Opponents Every Day

  • Rick Chandler

Minor League Baseball promotions people live for only one thing: thinking up ways to get their team noticed (oh, also computer porn). And so, a late-night brainstorming session for the Harrisburg Senators came up with this: urinal cakes featuring the logos of each of their league opponents. It works on so many levels! Well, just two levels, actually. But there you have it.

The men’s restroom at Metro Bank Park is equipped with 11 urinal cakes, each with a different Eastern League team’s logo on it. I can imagine furious jockeying for position among visiting fans, as they try to avoid their own team’s logo. This could be dangerous, and messy.

But the Senators don’t care, because their logo isn’t in there, and they get a mention on this site. Everybody in Harrisburg wins, except for the guy who has to swab the poopdeck.

These photos come to us from the Senators, via’s Benjamin Hill, and we’re told it was a woman who took them.

… “Don’t mind me sir, this is for journalism.”

urinal_cakes (2)

As far as Minor League restroom art goes, however, the photo below is still my favorite. Behold the floor of the restroom at the home stadium of the Lake Elsinore (CA) Storm:

Even in the restroom, the eyes of the Lake Elsinore Storm are watching you.

Um, suddenly I no longer have to go.