The Hovercraft Golf Carts Have Arrived! Ohio Course To Make Them Available To Public This Weekend

  • Rick Chandler

As we told you earlier this month, Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, OH, has purchased two BW1 hovercraft golf carts, and the course received delivery on Wednesday. Plans are to let golfers use them for the first time this weekend.

Sure, it’s fun: but a day with the hovercraft golf cart can also be fraught with danger. Users should beware of “air bladder snags.” From Only A Game:

“We are having some trees removed. We are having certain areas where there are things sticking out of the ground near or around where carts frequent at this point [cleaned up] … we do not want to take the chance of being snagged on the air bladder,” course managing director Peter Duffey said. “There will be a couple of lakes on the course that we are going to designate for the hovers to pass over. This is all still very new. There’s a lot of planning we’re going through as we speak.”

The company that makes these, Indiana-based Neoteric Hovercraft, got the idea from watching Bubba Watson tooling around in a hovercraft golf cart earlier this year. Now they’re cranking them out for use by the public.

I’d say we’re just weeks away from an MLB team using one of these as a bullpen cart. Let’s go Miami Marlins; we know you’ll be the first.

My kingdom for video of one of these going out of control and cartwheeling into a sand trap with Donald Trump in the passenger seat.

So where does this rank on the list of world’s greatest golf carts?