The IOC Eliminated Wrestling From The 2020 Summer Olympics, So Here’s A List Of Other Former Olympic Sports

  • Dylan Murphy

Though modern pentathlon appeared to be on the chopping block, the International Olympic Committee plans to cut wrestling from the 2020 summer games. The move comes as a surprise because, well, modern pentathlon, but also because wrestling has been a part of the games since their inception in 1896.

This isn’t the first time the IOC has cut a sport; in fact, throughout the history of the Olympics, plenty of sports have been added and dropped to appease changing cultural practices. And so wrestling now finds itself in a very exclusive resort – the IOC’s discard pile. But the Olympics are all about cooperation and sharing and coitus, so here’s wrestling’s new brotherhood – sports that, over the years, were similarly retired from Olympic duty.

1. Men’s 100m Freestyle For Greek Sailors (Won by Greece)
2. Live Pigeon Shooting
3. Tug Of War
4. Plunge For Distance
5. Solo Synchronized Swimming
6. Skijoring
7. Club Swinging
8. Town Planning
9. Delivery Van Driving
10. Roller Hockey
11. Obstacle Course Swimming
12. Sculptures and Graphics
13. Military Patrol
14. Firefighting
15. Cannon Shooting
16. Poodle Fur Trimming
17. Hot Air Ballooning
18. Pistol Dueling (Wax Bullets)
19. Pigeon Racing
20. Equestrian Long Jump/High Jump
21. Motorboating
22. Kabaddi


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