The LFL Continues Its Quest To Be The Favorite Sport Of Douchebags

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ok, so the lingerie/bikinis are a dead give away that the Legends Football League doesn’t want to be taken seriously, but the real proof that this league is a sum of entertainment’s lowest common denominators is in the kOoKiE aNtIcS of the players and coaches.

…like the old “score a touchdown and then take a sip of beer conveniently right there in the endzone.”

The LFL is Medival Times for 40-year-olds who still have Baywatch posters hanging in their living room. Ya, that means you guys who work for smut blogs. This is an actual quote from a Barstool post about this video:

“Not to get too gross and weird but the hottest part of the video is when she’s wiping her lips. You know it and I know it.”


Screencap via YouTube