The Lingerie Football League Has Ranked Its Players By Hotness

  • Rick Chandler

Changing your name from the Lingerie Football League to the Legends Football League so that people will take you more seriously? That happened last season. But then the league seems to go and undermine itself with this press release:

(LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Tuesday March 25, 2014) Legends Football League (formerly Lingerie Football League) unveils the inaugural ‘LFL Top 50 Hottest Athletes of All-Time’ which includes Gridiron Goddess’ from each of the now (3) three LFL global leagues to include LFL USA, LFL Canada and LFL Australia.

The Top 50 hottest athletes were chosen from nearly 1,600 global LFL athletes, dating back to the LFL’s inaugural season of 2009.

Remember, this is the league that gives you the option on its official video game to choose your team by players’ hair color, so all of this should be no surprise.

The LFL bills itself as the “world’s fastest growing sports league” — a line created by me, so you’re welcome LFL. Recent expansion has produced leagues in Canada, Australia and soon, Europe. Heck one day they may even starting paying their players.

But for right now, let’s not forget on what principle the league is based. Above all, the LFL is T&A.

So here are the top 10 hottest LFL players, according to the LFL. As you see above, No. 1 is Angela Rypien, daughter of former Washington Deafskins quarterback Mark Rypien. The following nine:


UPDATE (Mitch Mortaza is the LFL President):

Here are the rest of the LFL rankings:

No. 11 – Bronte Zeiher, Cornerback, New South Wales Surge
No. 12 – Danielle Moinet, Cornerback, Chicago Bliss
No. 13 – Leekplay Paye, Defensive End, Minnesota Valkyrie
No. 14 – Christie Burns, Cornerback, San Diego Seduction
No. 15 – Leah Turnbull, Quarterback, Western Australia Angels
No. 16 – Mikayala Wingle, Cornerback, Jacksonville Breeze
No. 17 – Melissa Mikkelsen, Wide Receiver, Denver Dream
No. 18 – Chloe Butler, Defensive End, Los Angeles Temptation
No. 19 – Kate Marshall, Safety, BC Angels
No. 20 – Kayla Mulvogue, Wide Receiver, New South Wales Surge
No. 21 – Ashlee Helmstetter, Defensive End, Baltimore Charm
No. 22 – Jayne Caldwell, Quarterback, Queensland Brigade
No. 23 – Heather Perez, Philadelphia Passion
No. 24 – Chantel Taylor, Defensive End, Chicago Bliss
No. 25 – Erin Marie Garrett, Cornerback, Dallas Desire
No. 26 – Angela Pefetto, Defensive End, Philadelphia Passion
No. 27 – Tiafi Thurston, Wide Receiver, Queensland Brigade
No. 28 – Alexandria Stone, Center, Atlanta Steam
No. 29 – Andrea Cecchini, Defensive End, Regina Rage
No. 30 – Kaley Tuning, Wide Receiver, Miami Caliente
No. 31 – Stephanie Psick, Cornerback, Los Angeles Temptation
No. 32 – Quincy Hewitt, Tight End, New South Wales Surge
No. 33 – Meriah Stack, Wide Receiver, Victoria Maidens
No. 34 – Deanna Fagiano, Tight End, Chicago Bliss
No. 35 – Nadia Larysa, Defensive End, Chicago Bliss
No. 36 – Danielle Jorgenson, Tight End, Green Bay Chill
No. 37 – Dominique Shuler, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Valkyrie
No. 38 – Heather Roy, Defensive End, Philadelphia Passion
No. 39 – Bre Cotton, Linebacker, Tampa Breeze
No. 40 – Sasha Wood, Linebacker, Miami Caliente
No. 41 – Julie Galindo, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Temptation
No. 42 – Ashley Richter, Wide Receiver, Regina Rage
No. 43 – Stephanie Lethborg, Defensive End, Western Australia Angels
No. 44 – Stephane Manou, Running Back, BC Angels
No. 45 – Cassie Anderson, Running Back, Green Bay Chill
No. 46 – Heather Furr, Quarterback, Chicago Bliss
No. 47 – Ogom Chijundu, Cornerback, Los Angeles Temptation
No. 48 – Lindsay Burnham, Wide Receiver, Omaha Heart
No. 49 – Briawna Shulz, Defensive End, Chicago Bliss
No. 50 – Shari Onley, Tight End, New South Wales Surge