The Little League World Series Is Almost Here, Says Heroic, Highly-Caffeinated Boy

  • Rick Chandler

Are you ready to watch 27 Little League games in the span of two weeks? I’d wager that even if you have a kid in Little League, the answer would be “Hell no — get out of my house.” But ESPN is ready to force-feed bring them to you beginning Aug. 14 from Williamsport, PA. Making loads of cash on the backs of pre-teens, it’s the American way.

Yep, its time for that peculiar institution, the Little League World Series, in which baseball without leadoffs, steals, chewing tobacco, fights, or PEDs takes center stage. Yeah, boring.

But not always! Note the player from the South Lake Charles, LA, all-stars, above. You won’t see this scene in any MLB game this year, because:

A. The camo jersey; B. The unbridled enthusiasm (too much pre-game Pepsi); and C. The haphazard Hunger Games bow-and-arrow celebration. This video is from the Southwest Region tourney, the winner of which advances to the LLWS. South Lake Charles didn’t quite make it, and that’s too bad — the team has style. Pretty sure this video is from SLC’s 10-9, extra-inning win over Albuquerque on Monday, shown in ESPN2. Pearland, TX, then won the Southwest Region final, beating SLC on Tuesday, 7-3.

So Pearland is the first team in the U.S. bracket to qualify for Williamsport — the LLWS begins Aug. 14, with the friendly folks at ESPN set to televise 27 games. ABC will carry three, including the finals. The International bracket is already set, and yes, Japan is there, as always. And hey, Australia and the Czech Republic qualified! Are we ready for an Aussie LLWS champion?

Ha ha, just kidding — it will be Japan like always.