The Mayweather V. Guerrero Presser Turned Into Guerrero’s Father Screaming That They Were Going To “Beat That Woman-Beater Down!”

  • Eric Goldschein

In what has to be the most outrageous example of a boxer’s father going nuts at a press conference, Robert Guerrero’s dad Ruben went nuts at his press conference yesterday.

Ruben is his son’s trainer, and it’s clear that he would much prefer to be in his son’s role, i.e. the guy that runs his mouth and punches other people in theirs.

After what was reported to be a very dry conference, Ruben took the dais from promoter Oscar de la Hoya and went off, yelling that his son would take down Mayweather, the guy who “beat up his wife, man, his wife in front of his kids!”

Amazingly, Mayweather didn’t even look up from his phone during the whole rant:

“I don’t talk shit.” Well, I know a whole room of people who would dispute that statement, Ruben. How about an All-Dad undercard on Saturday night? I’d pay to see that.

Also, Oscar de la Hoya’s face:


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