The Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart Can Buy And Sell All Other Golf Carts

  • Rick Chandler

If your idea of golf trends more toward luxury driving than actual golf, then here’s just the thing for you. Mercedes-Benz announced plans recently for its newest golf cart design, and I must say that Louis Winthorpe heartily approves.

Mercedes unveiled these sketches for the Vision Golf Cart during the British Open (golf clap), which, they say, was the result of design ideas submitted by hundreds of golf fans from around the world. A vehicle designed by common golf fans? I see no way this can end badly.

Motor Authority, via Business Insider.

Heading the project was Mercedes-Benz design chief Gorden Wagener, who said the design fits in well with the automaker’s ‘Sensual-Purity’ design philosophy.

The vehicle is electrically driven and runs on a battery that is charged via roof-top solar panels. Manual charging, as for a conventional golf cart, is also possible.

Also: touch screen monitors, and a multimedia panel with rotatable docking station for iPad, iPhone and a USB interface.

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