The Most Beautifully Calculated Flop Of The Year Involves Motorcycling And Deserves Your Tip Of The Cap

  • Dylan Murphy

Apparently this one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but it just came to our attention today. A few months ago, a competitor in a motorcycle race in Brazil crashed his bike going around a bend. Because he was unhurt and probably still in the race, he worked on his damaged bike to get back in the thick of things. But 20 seconds in, he realized the futility of his efforts – his competitors were well ahead of him now and there was no chance to recoup lost time.

So he did what any self-respecting motorcyclist would do and sprawled himself out on the ground, motionless, a good 10 feet away from his bike. You know, to cause a stoppage in the entire race and allow him to restart on equal footing. Keeping your viewing pleasure in mind, medical assistance does not show up for well over two minutes. So he’s stuck there, lying on the ground, peeking his head up every so often to check on the status of his ploy.

And of course, it worked. An ambulance shows up and carts him away to recover from his bruised ego.

[Off The Bench, via Business Insider]