The Pointlessness of Battleground: Your Fantasy WWE Preview

  • Gregg Sussman

Speaking of stale naturally leads me to Randy Orton. Both Orton and Cena have been on top of WWE for over a decade and it’s felt like way longer. Orton has been peripherally in the WWE Championship scene since losing the championship at ‘Mania to the still injured Daniel Bryan. Orton and Cena have wrestled each other a legitimate thousand times since both ascending to the top of the company around the same time and seeing them in the main event in 2014 is just  a nod to the lack of ability of WWE to develop new main event talent over the last decade. Orton just finished off his 12th World Title reign and for Summerlsam he has a different Reign in his future.

Roman Reigns is the new “it” guy in WWE. Ticketed to superstardom, the company basically said screw the slow burn and has pushed him hard over the past several months. Reigns is the prospective next main event level talent for WWE and he is the odds on favorite to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31 next year, most likely defeating Brock Lesnar. That’s if WWE can hold off that long. With the network subscription renewal date coming up and the injury to Daniel Bryan not clearing up as fast as the company would like, Reigns very well could be hot shotted to the championship spot far sooner than WrestleMania. Despite facing Randy Orton in numerous multi man matches over the past couple of months, they have held off on a major singles match between the two; that will take place at Summerslam and not for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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At Summerslam the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Main Event will be between the challenge Brock Lesnar and the retaining champion John Cena. How am I so positive Cena will retain at Battleground? Does this poster work for you? Or what about this promotional video? John Cena is always a lock to win; however this lock is now air tight. Roman Reigns will get his moment. The big match for Reigns with Cena, Lesnar and Triple H will happen in due time. But for now, for the immediate future, WWE will continue to play it safe, because they have no reason not to. Cena will 1000% retain at Battleground and go on to fight Lesnar in the main event at Summerslam. Predictable enough for you? Boring enough for you? It doesn’t matter and WWE doesn’t care. They already have your money.

The undercard to Battleground is a bit more intriguing than the main event. Not intriguing enough to make me buy the pay per view if I did not already have the network, but intriguing enough to watch after The Leftovers and Masters of Sex on Sunday night. Seth Rollins, fresh after (predictably) winning the MITB briefcase last month, takes on his arch rival Dean Ambrose. Logic states that no major feud ends at a B PPV event, which is exactly what Battleground is. One way or another, Rollins comes out of this on top before having a major blow off with Ambrose at Summerslam, in which Ambrose will probably win. But for now, the most heated rivalry in the company will continue through Battleground.