The Rockies Continue To Suck At Spelling

  • Igor Mello

The Rockies are selling collectors cups at Coors Field so that fans can remember another bobblehead giveaways in what is another disastrous, injury-plagued sub-.500 season. You know who’s also under .500? Colorado’s promotion department.

On Tuesday, a (bitter) Colorado fan on Twitter pointed out that the Rockies misspelled infielder Nolan Arenado’s name on one of their promotional cups. This comes only two weeks removed from their Troy Tulowitzki shirsey fiasco.

Look, I get it. Spelling Tulowitzki may be difficult, so I gave them a pass when that happened. But Arenado? Seriously!? I even Googled “Golden Arendo” to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any inside jokes here. I mean, dude is a Gold Glover, for crying out loud! Maybe they need to bring Spelling Bee co-champions, Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe as interns. Terrible job, Rockies. Let’s just hope there are only a small batch of cups that have Arenado’s name misspelled and not all of them.