The Taylor Swift Playing Air Hockey Photo We Need Right Now

  • Rick Chandler

Ima let you finish, but mocking Taylor Swift’s music has been suspended for today. We have our reasons.

Swift spent her Sunday afternoon visiting 6-year-old Jordan Nickerson at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, which was slightly more amazing than the way you spent yours (pizza and video games). The highlights included serenading the kid with “We’re Never Getting Back Together”, and a vigorous game of air hockey. Actually, is there any other kind of game of air hockey?

Jordan suffers from Williams Syndrome, and is also battling leukemia. So when Swift heard that she was his favorite singer, she arranged to surprise the boy and spend the afternoon, talking Spider-Man, singing and playing games.

Exchange between the two during the air hockey game:

(Swift passes Jordan the puck) JORDAN: “Thank you.”

SWIFT: “Like how when you’re competitive you’re also polite.”

Luis Suarez, please take notes.

I also think that this should be a rule in the NHL: whenever someone on your team passes you the puck, you must say thank you, or face a moderate fine.

It’s starting to get very dusty in here, so we’ll leave you with this: Russell Westbrook doing amazing things set to the soundtrack of Taylor Swift’s “22”. Just seems to fit today: