The Three-Year Madison Square Garden Transformation Is Complete

  • Eric Goldschein

madison square gardenThe world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, will officially re-open for business tomorrow after completing the final stage of a three-year renovation — which surely had nothing to do with the Barclays Center opening across the river in Brooklyn.

MSG calls the renovations a “transformation,” which is probably what I too would call something that cost $1 billion dollars. The changes to the arena took place virtually year-round, even during the NBA and NHL seasons. The final result looks pretty fantastic, though the change may shock long-time New Yorkers who were used to the purple and green seats of yore.

Check out a time lapse of the transformation here, which shows the additions of walkways above the court (which look kind of distracting, but okay, not our decision), a new entrance, new GardenVision monitor, a ceiling restoration and more:

And here’s a slideshow:


So, will the Knicks and Rangers still get evicted from this place in 10 years?