The Top Seven Mascots That Should Be Killed With Fire

  • Rick Chandler

We wrote about Otey on Friday, but then we only had a drawing. Now, the horrible truth: here’s Otey in person. He’s handsome and kid-friendly, right? And by handsome I mean horrifying, and by kid-friendly I mean when does the new season of “True Blood” start?

Otey is the new mascot for the Arkansas Travelers (Class-AA, Southern League), who describe him as a “swamp possum”, making the Travelers the only Minor League Baseball team for which you need a rabies shot to enter the stadium.

Real possums are misunderstood creatures and should be left in peace. But this costumed version is evil, comes from the darkest corner of your soul and should of course be killed with fire.

Otey has received mixed reviews so far:

But Otey isn’t the only mascot that produces its own nightmare fuel. Here now are the top seven mascots that need to be, or have been, exterminated.