The Tour de France Still Doesn’t Quite Understand Urine Testing: Someone Threw A Bottle Of Pee On Mark Cavendish Today

  • Rick Chandler

The Tour de France has been no ride in the park for Mark Cavendish. Last year he was involved in a pretty harrowing pileup during Stage Four, resulting in bruises, cuts and eventual stitches.

Then today, someone apparently threw urine at the British rider during a time trial.

“Yes, that’s true I think. I was behind him. I didn’t see it, but I think it’s true,” Omega Pharma-Quick Step team press officer Alessandro Tegner said.

Tegner said the liquid smelled like urine and it was “all over him.” He said Cavendish talked about it after completing the time trial, saying “I really don’t know what’s going on.”

The team didn’t know where it happened on the 20-mile time-trial course to Mont-Saint-Michel on the Brittany coast.

Cavendish’s teammate, Jerome Pineau, reacted angrily to the news.

“I’m ashamed when my friend Mark Cavendish tells me that he was jeered and even sprayed with urine,” Pineau said on his Twitter feed. “It’s scandalous.”

The French wait until Lance Armstrong is retired to throw urine? Makes no sense.

Was it a rogue camel? Or perhaps it was in response to an incident during Tuesday’s Stage 10, in which Cavendish collided with Tom Veelers, sending the Dutch rider to the ground. Race officials exonerated Cavendish, but Veelers would not accept Cavendish’s apology.

At least Cavendish still has the best Tour de France nickname: The Manx Missile.

Photo: Reuters.

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