The Two Best Things About USA Basketball Camp In Vegas: King Of The Hill And Slow-Motion Dunks

  • Eric Goldschein

king of the hill usabWe followed USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas all week, and now the USA Basketball YouTube and Instagram pages have become must-follows thanks to their awesome highlights. Imagine an All-Star game that involved intense preparation and, most importantly, players actually giving a shit. It’s awesome, and we can’t wait for the FIBA World Cup to tip off Aug. 30.

Two things stood out over the past week: The one-on-one (on-one) battles that take place after practice between Kevin Durant, Paul George and James Harden have become legendary/worth of long-winded reports; dunks.

First, the King of the Hill battles that have everyone talking. Via Ben Golliver of SI:

Most of the media access period on Thursday was spent observing post-practice shooting drills, which wound up being a bit of a letdown compared to the extended full-court scrimmages that unfolded earlier in the week.

Disappointment quickly gave way to excitement, though, when Durant, George and Harden decided to face off in another game of “King of the Hill,” a series of one-on-one match-ups that they’ve been enjoying all week…

The games have regularly drawn the attention of at least 100 observers… Put simply, “King of the Hill” has been more entertaining than anything on the NBA’s All-Star Weekend docket besides the Slam Dunk Contest and Three-Point Contest.


Amazingly, Harden seems to be putting in serous work on defense — maybe he did earn those Defensive Player of the Year votes after all? (Nah.)

Secondly, we love dunks. Here are a bunch in slow-motion:

The next time USAB meets up, it will likely have cut its roster down to 15 players. We can’t wait to watch these guys continue to push themselves, for both FIBA and NBA basketball’s sake.